Friday, May 3, 2013

Just Checking In

I have seriously been slacking on the blog posts lately. I never imagined life would be this busy as a full time Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) of two. Sheesh! I can’t even remember feeling this busy before. Like, ever. I remember when Addisyn was a baby I still wanted 11 kids!!! ELEVEN!?!? If someone would ask me how many I wanted even while sleep deprived, I would genuinely and confidently tell them “Eleven”. Motherhood was bliss. At least that is how I remember it ;-) As Addisyn got older and more defiant the number eleven shrunk to five, then four, and now my answer is “we might be done.”  I have other things going on in life, yes, but my normal day-to-day is that I keep busy with  two littles and I seriously don’t know how ya’ll with three and four kids do it!  Half my stress at the end of the day is the mommy guilt creeping up on me telling me I didn’t pay enough attention to Addisyn or I snapped at her too quickly or the house is a mess and I should have done more. Darn you mommy guilt!  And things are probably going to be even busier in the future as Kellan begins to crawl and then walk. Yikes! That is going to be happening so soon and I can’t believe it. Ohmygosh it has been almost six months! Time speeds up when kids are involved, I swear. Instead of looking forward to the next day, I am almost always wondering where my day went. I even remember telling Steve that I just need a few more hours in everyday. Although I am sure that won’t help. Steve usually calls me when he is on his way home from work and the minute I hang up I go into overdrive for forty five minutes to put things away, shower if need be, and tuck all the clothes away so that it looks like some work has happened while he has been gone. I know I am not alone on this. Ladies? 
Anyway, the point is that I am doing a whole lot of mommying and I have crazy missed writing on my blog so I wanted to check in with you all. Let you know that everything at the Hart household and within the business is running. Smoothly? Maybenotsomuch. I have had more than a few really hard days trying to balance it all, but I am getting through this phase and beginning to own this mommy-of- two- thing. And by “own” I really mean I am not pulling my hair out or crying in the corner of the shower. As often. Holla! :-)  
I have a ton of blessings to report at some point! Just to summarize a few-  I am in love with exercising again and have lost 8lbs in two months and I am super motivated! Kellan is beginning to get on a schedule and the business has been going great this year!  I have met the most amazing people already and it is only May! In March I told you all about my transition away from marketing myself as a wedding photographer and it was the right move. It has decreased the stress significantly and allowed me to be home with my Loves more. Family first right? And the weddings I do book are big random blessings because this girl loves her a good ol’ fashioned love story. For that reason I could never completely quit shooting weddings.
Lastly, you are going to be seeing some changes on this blog and on the website. Not big changes, but little things I am going to be adding to put the finishing touches on my brand. Think country chic, think flowers, think butterflies and unicorns. Okay, maybe not unicorns, but something that makes me that happy will be hitting the blog and website.
 In the meanwhile, I am going to work my hardest to not let so much time pass until the next time I chat with you. I also need to be taking more pictures of my littles because aren't they just the CUTEST?

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