Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Thoughts and A Giveaway

Let’s talk about how my brain isn’t functioning today. This morning I put the milk in the pantry and didn’t catch it until I was trying to smash the box of Honey Nut Cheerios into the small space in our fridge that is perfectly sized for our milk container. Addisyn was due to be at school at 9:15am and I realized we were both still cozy in our pajamas at 8:50am.  In the chaotic scene of us trying to change and get out the door, I went back up the stairs three times: first for my car keys, second for my phone, and third for my car keys that I put down when trying to find my phone.   Oiy Vey! By the way, I don’t even know what this means or if it’s spelled right, but I say it all the time to put emphasis on any exhaustive situation that enters my life and “Oiy Vey!” is how I see it in my mind. Feel free to correct me, but I am going to keep using it. For sanity sake, and for the sake of not embarrassing myself on this post (after all, I called a goose a duck last week, and was corrected on the spot), this is going to be a short post of random thoughts with a giveaway at the end. If you are in love, you will want to keep reading. Trust me. 

Random thoughts…
Steve and I feel called to be in Delaware right now, but if the good Lord calls us to be in southern Florida or say Bora Bora, I would be down. This cold weather is for the birds. Actually, it’s not for the birds. They are smart enough to fly south for the winter. All I am saying is those tank wearin’, flip-flop sportin’, beach visitin’ days are hollering at me something serious.

Kids repeat what you say and do. They want to be like their momma and daddy. Try this on for size. Addisyn now tells us, “No man!” whenever she wants us to stop helping her or when we are doing something she doesn’t want us to do. Not because I say, “No man!”, but because I say, “No ma’am!” whenever she is doing something she isn’t supposed to be doing. She even puts her pointer finger up, shakes it at me, and wrinkles her brow as if she is disappointed! She also feels the need to wake up each morning and put on her “hay-cup” (make-up) just like momma and even helps her dolls get ready for the day.  When she puts her dolls to sleep she sings to them, kneels down and prays with them, and kisses her sweet darlings on the forehead before turning off the light.  I am going to out on a giant limb and say half the battle to having a well behaved child is living a lifestyle that you are proud to share with your children and that you would want them to emulate.


Toddlers have a lot of questions.  Addisyn asks me every other minute “S’dat momma?” She is curious to learn about these things in the world that seem so much bigger to her right now.  Things I don’t even pay attention to or think about during a given day. And I love it. I love answering her questions even when I am exhausted and I crave silence.  She usually follows it up with an, “Ohhhh momma!”  and my heart soars knowing she made a new discovery and logged it to her memory. Our trips to school and church are usually filled with her pointing out all her new words. “Look Momma choo choo!” or “Momma, tuck tuck!” or “Momma, church”. And my response each time? “Good job, baby! You are so smart. I am so proud of you.” Our babies need encouragement and praise.


Steve is a great dad. I realize this numerous times throughout my week, but some days it hits me harder than others. Like yesterday for example, I ran out to the store to get an item for our dinner and when I got home Addisyn had a stool up against the counter and was helping her dad cut (she was just watching at a safe distance for this part), separate, and taste test the vegetables that were a part of our dinner. Steve was telling Addisyn that she was such a big helper (there are those words of encouragement again) and Addisyn nodded in agreement while beaming a smile that was only meant for her daddy. She was proud to be helping her daddy and Steve made sure that she knew it was a moment that was special to him too.


Steve’s also a great husband. Soon after the dinner preparations were finished, we shared a romantic kiss simply because he found it cute that I got all excited about a coupon that was going to be put to good use. I like being told when he thinks I am cute and when we hang out in the kitchen cooking dinner together. No matter the reason, I couldn’t help but melt into his sweet kiss just because…just because he is my man.



In honor of my sweet sweet man, I would like to do a giveaway. Whoop Whoop!  I would like to give away a one hour session for one lucky couple. This could be with your husband/wife or your fiancé.  The session includes one hour, two different locations, 30 finalized photos, and high res files.  You must live in Delaware, Maryland, or Virginia to win or willing to travel to one of these three states. Here is how to enter:

1. “Like” my Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook “like” button in the side bar at the upper, right-hand corner of this post or by clicking on the link here. If you are already a fan of my Facebook page, THANK YOU so much for your support!  You can proceed to Step 2 OR become a follower of this blog by clicking on the “Join this site” button on the right.

2. Share this blog post on your Facebook page and say, “Stacy Hart Photography is giving away a couple session! If you are married or engaged, click on the link below to enter for a chance to win.  **You can either hit the facebook share icon on the bottom of this post or click on the title on the top of this post and then copy and paste the url into your facebook post.  

3. After you have done both these steps, come back and comment on the bottom of this post in either the Facebook comments section or on the “Let’s Chat! Leave a comment here” link.  Lead your comment with “I liked, I shared, and I want to win!” and then include one thing you love about your husband/wife or fiancé.   At that point, your name will be added to a mason jar of names that will be drawn from and announced on my April 16th post.

To take a look at my portfolio, please visit my photography website at

I am so excited!
Have an awesome day!  


  1. I liked, I shared and I want to win!
    Stacy, I love that you are doing a giveaway! I read your blog religiously anyways, even if there were no giveaway :)

    I've spent the past few days since you originally posted the giveaway to think about one reason I love my husband as much as I do. I think I knew it from the moment we found out we were pregnant with Hannah almost 7 years ago now (wow, that makes me feel old). Unexpected, but a blessing, I had a mix of emotions but was more worried about wanting Jason to be excited too. I will never forget him hugging me and saying "We are a family now and I knew from the moment I met you that I would be with your for the rest of my life. You will be my wife, the mother of my children and I love you." As I was crying my eyes out he then said "I think I need to sit down now". :) We will be married 7 years in December and now our family is complete. We have eachother, our 2 beautiful children and our renewed faith. What more could a girl ask for? :)

  2. I already "liked" so I joined and then I shared and I want to win! I love my husband because he knows me so well. I married my highschool sweetheart Ryan when I was 19 years old. This June we will be celebrating our 12 year anniversary! I am so proud of our marriage. We waited to have our wonderful daughter Jaiden in till we had a nice home and I graduated from college, it felt like forever but it happened!! She just turned 5 a few months ago and our life revolves around her. She made our little family complete. Ryan is the best daddy ever! He picks her up from preschool everyday! He may not have dinner cooked every night when I get home work but he has taken care of our little girl and that means the world to me. I love all you pictures of your sweet little one too Stacy!

  3. I have already liked and joined, but I posted and I want to win!!

    I love my husband because he is the yin to my yang. He is calm and Zen even in the most stressful situations. I love that he can make everything ok just with his presence. He is my rock and my best buddy. While we often make messes, don't pick up after ourselves or nitpick about the stupid stuff there is no one I would rather pick up after.


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