Monday, April 23, 2012

Waves of Peace - Love Multiplied

There is an art to a good cuddle. I realized that this morning when Addisyn and I were still in our jammies and not wanting to budge from the couch on a very cold and dreary Monday. The best cuddles, I think, involve a blanket long enough to stretch from the tips of our toes up to our necks, all snacking and channel changing comforts at an arm’s reach, a cozy spot for two on the couch, and a sleepy footie pajama’d toddler snuggled in my arms. In fact, this cuddle was so good that I had the smallest inkling to forgo Addisyn’s pre-wee school drop-off and just cuddle the day away. On a day like today I’m sure any possible feelings of guilt would have been washed away by the waves of peace I’d have while holding my little girl.  In true procrastinator form, I waited until the minute after the very last minute and then lazily marched us up the stairs to get ready for the day.  She only has six more weeks of school and won’t be returning in the fall, so I wanted her to get everything out of these last few weeks. After dropping Addisyn off at school, I caught myself daydreaming about completing the rest of my daily activities from under a warm, gently used blanket in the worn corner of our couch. And, I may or may not have changed back into my PJ’s after picking Addisyn up.  Today was a perfect balance for me. Just like the crops enjoy soaking in the recent rain, my soul enjoys soaking in the relaxation that this dreary day had given me. 

My baby girl is growing up so fast. She walks around the house doing various tasks like rocking her baby to sleep, reading her baby a book, or packing her “pack bag” with some diapers and wipes while  insisting that she does it her “own self” when I ask her if she needs any help.  She talks to me. We have whole conversations about things that are so important in her world. I love hearing her comments about the noises she hears, the songs she wants to sing, and all the important people in her life. In her growing up she wholly fills my heart in so many ways.

I am taking in all these very little moments feeling blessed that I have so many of them with her, but knowing they have been at a sacrifice to Steve. My husband is such a blessing. I try my best to ensure he knows how much I love him and that Addisyn knows what an amazing father he is. And…she knows he’s pretty special. She squeals and smiles when he gets home from work and always greets him with her little arms thrown tightly around his shoulders.

Her night time routine has become one of my favorite parts of the day. We tuck her into bed and she politely requests, "sing song?" as she looks up at us with those beautiful blue eyes. We sing to her and then kneel down by her crib and pray. She squeezes both our hands during her nightly prayers to show us how much she loves us. In the innocence of her eyes, she sees her mom and dad praying over her. It’s her family. She feels protected, loved and knows exactly where she belongs. She has no daily worries on her mind or any tasks for tomorrow to stress about. It’s only us. I once thought that when Addisyn arrived my love would be divided, but instead it was multiplied. What a great gift it is to be able to grow our hearts to accept more love rather than reach our limits and love no more.  Enjoying these waves of peace...
We took advantage of the nice weather this weekend and hit the road for a short impromptu beach trip! 2012-04-23_001 2012-04-23_002 2012-04-23_003 2012-04-23_004 2012-04-23_005 2012-04-23_006 2012-04-23_007 *this is her "I am not sure about this sand" face 2012-04-23_008 2012-04-23_009 2012-04-23_011 2012-04-23_012 2012-04-23_014 Okay, and maybe just one more irresistable video :-)

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