Friday, September 6, 2013

SHP Happenings | Why a Facelift?

Change sometimes is hard for me, but in this industry changing things can only mean one thing; I am shaping, molding, and learning new things that will help me get to where I want to be and to better serve my amazing clients.  Simply, I am growing. And I can’t be ashamed about that. So thank you for staying on my little journey that started three years ago. It’s because of you all you that I am able to make this big change.
I think every photographer goes through this; a change in style, a more focused direction, or just the desire to have their brand match their work that has been improving since they first started. Whatever the reasoning, there comes a time to re-brand or to give your current brand a facelift.  For me, this has happened too many times than I care to admit. So much so that I almost didn’t write this post as to let some future changes slip right on by. In the end, it was a business learning lesson for me so I decided to write this post because I am just too excited not to share.
If you are a photographer, you have probably realized that you can’t do it all on your own. Whether it is editing, brand design, bookkeeping, marketing, designing albums…the list goes on, something that you are not so good at is probably taking a lot of time away from the thing that you are good at. For me, that is brand designing.
This past spring I sat down with Steve and had a very serious discussion with him about investing in a professional brand designer to get inside my head and my dreams for the business, and then translate that into the brand I have always wanted. Sometimes, when life is crazy trying to raise two littles, it makes more sense to hire someone to collect my thoughts for me J . Throughout the past three years I have discovered things about my style that I just can’t relay to the design on my site and blog.  I need someone to collaborate with me on all the ideas I have and help me focus it to a very purposeful and very custom brand that is unique to who I am and what my work reflects. Then, I need this person to design it from scratch so that it is consistent all across the board- from the logo, to the site, to the blog on down to the marketing materials.  It didn’t take much convincing my husband. He just gets it. He knows where to make a smart investment and he saw a need for it in my business. With his approval and a lot of research I found the perfect person for me.         

Enter Jeffrey Shipley of J. Shipley Creative.

He is taking my whole entire brand and giving it a HUGE facelift. I’m not saying “re-brand” because I honestly believe I am so close to getting exactly where I want to be. My new brand will keep the same name (I think), but with a focus on the shoots that make my heart go pitter-patter and a style that matches me AND my work.  It will be focused on the “new family” because…well, because I am crazy passionate about the life I am living- the wife to an amazing man and momma to two beautiful little beings! I’m inspired by the everyday and in-between moments of my own family even if they are chaotic and disorganized at times. I know I can’t be alone in this feeling. There are thousands of other women out there that feel the same and I relate to them. I don’t want to give too much away for right now because I want you to get the whole story when you see the site for the first time. I just wanted to give you a little hint about what is to come of my photography and my blog.
This designing process has been in the works for over a month now. I have had Skype and telephone meetings, discovery questions to answer, Pinterest boards to fill, and images to gather. It’s been very exciting and I am lovin’ my designer, Jeffrey Shipley. He is full of personality and bleeds creativity! He created these two sites recently that I am just dying over (see below)!!! I cannot wait to see where he takes my whole brand. All I know, is that as of right now, my new brand is going to be just like my dream front porch; my go-to spot to get all cozy and relaxed and to chat it up with some of very best friends.  Cannot wait!!

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