Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Stylized Shoot | Antique Chic at Shady Acres

I have wanted to do a stylized shoot for a long time.  It was somewhat of a distant dream until I went to Connecticut last year and participated in a stylized shoot based off the movie The Notebook (which just happens to be one of my all time fav movies).  After actually experiencing the beauty and creativity of a stylized shoot, I had to boost organizing one of these events to the top of my 2012 business bucket list. What I really, really, really (really) wanted was some sort of vintage feel complete with “Allie-like” hair and cute dresses just like she wore on The Notebook.  With my motivation found, I started thinking of the perfect shoot.  

January 2012 came pretty quickly and I knew I had to start putting full focus on this stylized shoot if I was going to get it done before the start of busy season. I began paying particular attention to items I saw when I was out and about.  Any time inspiration would strike, I was quick to write down my ideas and annotate how I visualized using different props.  Stylized shoots are a great way for photographers to be even more creative, but are also an excellent opportunity to network with some pretty awesome local vendors. I had my hopes set high on one particular vendor that I just knew could make this whole shoot an amazing success. She owned a clothing store in downtown Dover that I adore and frequent for clothing for any occasion.   As fate would have it, just as I finally had my vision enough together to contact this vendor, I found out I was pregnant.  Although I was very excited for this wonderful news, I knew this meant a lot of my business goals would be put on the back burner as I dealt with the first trimester sickness. I weighed the pro’s and the con’s and eventually decided to cancel the stylized shoot for this year. 

That was until I drove by my favorite local clothing boutique store (the vendor I wanted to use) and it was calling my name to reach out to the owner. And so I did. A couple weeks later Erin from Bel Boutique and I were having a meeting and she just loved my ideas. She also had a style similar to mine so our ideas for props just clicked. From that time forward, everything just fell into place…the outfits, the jewelry, the models, the hair and makeup done by the fabulous Emily Moses, and even the venue.  As it turned out, Erin lived on some pretty amazing property owned by her boyfriend’s parents and their whole home and yard was perfect for my vision.

So I could talk forever about how quickly this was planned considering I had once canceled it, how I was freaked about a pending thunderstorm the day of the shoot, or how I just adore everyone who helped, but without further ado…

A special thanks to all of the AMAZING people who worked with me to make this vision come true:

Erin Tinsley, Bel Boutique | Outfits and Jewelry
Emily Moses, Rene Delyn | Hair and Makeup
Travis McClure | Male Model
Alexi Corham, Melissa Willetts, & Devin Horner | Female Models
Linda Foster-Thwaits | Venue
Jenny Epie | Assistant

 One of my favs! Isn't this potting shed gorgeous?

 Seriously Melissa!!!? This is stunning!

 And now time for our cute couple shoot :-)

 Lex, you are GORGEOUS!  Period.

 Oh Travis, you were perfect for this shoot. Super cute :-)

 A definite fav!

 How cute is this?

 Love this look!

  This is the very cool truck we were able to use. Thank you Linda.
 And the most charming log cabin house that was just full of antique wonderfulness. Thank you Linda! 

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