Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Country Girl

This weekend commenced our first annual beach trip. An early sunrise awakening, a sun block lathered baby, an anxious wave diving hubby, and a set of friends was all I needed to make me feel all summerish and peaceful inside. I pretty much love the beach. No, I L-O-V-E the beach. You can count on finding me in a colorful beach chair with my feet buried in the sand right where the rushing waves begin their decent back to the ocean. If I’m not there, I am more than likely taking a break to grab me some salt and vinegar doused boardwalk fries. A beach diet staple if you ask me! If I’m a little more sun-kissed leaving than I was walking in, I can almost guarantee it was a good day at the shore. But, this post isn’t about the beach. There will be plenty of those stories this summer.  Nope, this is about a self discovery I have been thinking about a lot lately, but have never really took ownership of until now. I am a country girl and a beach girl.  Now, since I can’t very well have the country and the beach, I have settled on living on the edge of the country with the beach but a short drive away. The truth is, I think I’m more country than I am beach. I know, right? This surprised me too. If you need some numbers, I would say my heart is about 61% country and 39% beach.

My content soul has been savoring the simple things in life like long drives through back roads lined with wheat fields while Keith Urban blasts over the radio, short trips to the local market for some fresh veggies and homemade ice cream, and sitting around brown paper covered tables picking at crab and shrimp while chatting with an amazing group of friends.  My future house is calling for a large back porch that faces due east so I can marvel at the early morning sunrises, soak in the lunch time rays while sipping lemonade from a Mason jar and eating a fresh cucumber sandwich, and will shade me in the evening while my family gathers around for dinner.  I have finally arrived at the place in my life where I can almost define me. I am no longer a city girl. I wouldn’t dare think of trading in my jeans and flip-flop wearing days, wheat lined roads, and family owned markets for traffic, business suits and an endless variety of restaurants at my fingertips. Nope, my high heel shoe days are long gone and I am can even foresee a pair for cowboy boots being added to my shoe collection in the near future.  

Everything is beginning to fall into place. I am missing the perfect house with the perfect country rustic and shabby sheak beachy d├ęcor (yes, I plan to incorporate both my loves), but Steve and I are currently hard at work to make that dream a reality. For now, I am savoring the things that make my heart go tick. Like reading a good novel! It has been forever since I’ve read a good book. So this week is all about embracing my new found Stacy: the country girl who has been dying to get out and relax a little.

Cheers to self discovery!

With Love,


*a few shots from this weekend :-)




















On a quick side note, thank you thank you thank you for all the well wishes about our little announcement last week. Steve, Addisyn and I are equally thrilled to have a little plum growing in my belly right now. I feel so free now that we have shared the big news because I have been dying to share about my experience along the way.

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