Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One More for Love

When I was little we lived about 45 minutes from an amusement park that we visited a few times each summer. Amusement park days were special because it meant funnel cakes, cheesy greased up french fries, fun rides, water parks and discovering new things. One of my favorite rides on a hot day was the White Water Canyon. It was the ride that was guaranteed to get you soaked and cooled off for the rest of the afternoon.  My amusement park days were not complete without standing in an hour long line with hopes that I’d be one of the lucky ones who would choose the seat that got drenched with cool refreshing water.  As clearly as I remember that ride, I also remember how good it felt to get in the car at the end of the night, change out of our wet clothes into warm dry clothes, and fall asleep on our ride home. It was peaceful and amazing. I could think about while falling asleep was how tired my feet were and how perfect the day was.  Now that I am older, I understand what those days must have meant to my parents. Mom and dad must have been completed drained of energy from trying to make sure all the kids were safe and well behaved while we were spun up on a mega sugar rush, bouncing from ride to ride and spending all of their money. I am also sure they would probably tell you now that seeing our excitement made their hearts swell so much that mere exhaustion was totally worth the trip.

This weekend I put on a workshop in Delaware for anyone who wanted to learn how to better use their DSLR camera. The workshop was a huge success and the girls who joined me were just plain awesome.  I was beyond tired after “teaching” for eight hours, but, at the end of the day, I somehow managed to make it up to my bedroom, change into some comfy pajamas, and spend time with Addisyn and Steve before Addisyn’s bed time. Over dinner Steve showed me some videos of his “Daddy Addy Day”. They had gone to a local festival and Addisyn discovered all sorts of fun things to climb and bounce on. Addisyn’s face lit up when she heard her voice on the video and Steve and I smiled as we watched her silly/cuteness over and over again.  It continues to amaze me that in our daily exhaustion as adults, Addisyn keeps Steve and I focused on the importance of our roles as parents. Steve, dropping everything the minute he comes in the door after a long days work to catch a squealing girly running towards him and me, constantly loving on and encouraging her throughout the day despite how tired I am.
I hope one day I can accurately explain to Addisyn that her unique presence in our lives has changed everything. That because of her I look at Steve differently. I love him more, but in a way I never imagined before we had her. That my days have become less about me, and more about her, but in a strange twist, I’m totally okay with it. I hope one day far in the future she remembers falling asleep peacefully after a fun-filled day and knows that mom and dad cherish every moment with her.

With Love,

*and because the blog post wouldn't be complete without one pic, here is a pic of my workshop ladies practicing their skills

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  1. Glad your workshop went well! I think the pic shows how much fun the whole thing must have been.


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