Thursday, June 30, 2011

One More for Love The Story: Chapter 20 - Voicemail

A few days after I received the email from Stacy I found myself at my house on the internet looking up computer parts with Will.  Will was a computer buff and had mentored me in the ways of conquering numerous computer problems throughout our friendship.  Because I was in need of replacing my ancient, two-year-old, outdated Dell, Will and I decided that he would teach me how to build my new one piece by piece.  When this super powered technological monstrosity was finished, it would be aptly named: Frankenstein Computer.  We were early in the process and, on this particular day, were making the important comparison between the prices and functionality of two computer towers that would serve as the housing for all future components...I was really into it. 

I have a habit of becoming completely captivated by projects like this.  There is something about learning a new skill and creating something from scratch that occupies my mind to a point close to obsession.  When I get in those moments, there is very little that can break through my tunnel of concentration and interest.  Because I know this about myself, I consider it a near miracle that I even heard my cell phone at all that afternoon.  However, amidst all the excitement of a new venture, I recognized the tune of Fallout Boy’s “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” buzzing away in the corner of Will’s room.  With a majority of my focus still on the decision at hand, I picked up my phone and took a glance down at the incoming number; it was from work.  All of the phone numbers from the Air Force base started with the same three digits. Which meant, thanks to caller ID, I could ignore the call completely, let it go to voicemail, hope they called somebody else in to pick-up the slack, and promise to answer if they happened to call again.  I went back to the computer screen with Will as he had just found a tower that would allow for better airflow at a cheaper price. 

“That’s the one Will.” I said, excited about our discovery, and gave him the go-ahead to purchase.  Just as we began filling out the order information, I heard the familiar melody of a new voicemail alert.  The ruse was going as planned.  Will and I went on to complete the order and, as we waited for the conformation code to hit my email, I decided to check the message to gauge the probability that I would be receiving a second call thus forcing me to make good on my promise.  As I listened in anticipation for the unwarranted sense of urgency, I was surprised to hear the following message:

“Hey Steve, this is Stacy Morey.  I was calling to see how you are doing and to hear how everything went down with you and Melissa.  I heard some of it from Chris, but…well that’s another story. I know you probably didn’t answer because you recognized the base number. While I am over here, I have to connect through the base operator. Just so you know, I’ve only got fifteen minutes of phone time twice a week so I’ll try to catch up with you again another time.  Take care!”

“The email is in and you’re order is on it’s way!” Will said, then swiveled his seat around to see me sitting on his bed with the phone to my ear, eyes as big as baseballs, and my jaw nearly touching my chest. “Dude, what’s up?” He asked, timid and unsure of what type of response he might get.  “Do you have to go into work?”

“Will” I said, slowly setting the phone down beside me.  “That was Stacy Morey.” 

"No it wasn’t.” He said, not enjoying the assumed sarcasm. 

 “Dude, that was STACY freakin’ MOREY!”  I responded and started pacing across the room.  “That was Stacy Morey and I blew it man.  She only gets two calls a week, she chose to call me, and I didn’t answer.  This is totally karma.” I looked up at him for conformation; he met me with a confused look. “I am being punished in the most twisted and sinister way for trying to avoid being called into work.  I totally messed this up!”

“Steve,” Will began, trying to calm me down, “If she called you once, she’ll call you again.”

“But what if I’m at work?  She gets two fifteen minute calls a WEEK.  I can’t have a good conversation at work and I’m sure she has plenty of other people to talk to. She’s deployed for crying out loud!  Her family and friends are probably worried about her and look forward to the phone call that assures her safety.  And Stacy, knowing all of this, still decided to use one of her fifteen minutes today to call me and I let it go to voicemail.  Cruel, irreversible, voicemail. Let’s call this how it is, Will” I stopped pacing and looked at Will still sitting in his computer chair, now giving me a peculiar smile. “I’m putz man, a total putz.” I ended, returning the glance.

“Don’t stress over it bro.” He was still smiling and stood up to pat me on the shoulder, “Many a man has lost a woman because of the lure of computer towers and processors.”  He said in laughter, clearly unsympathetic to my dire predicament.

“A woman Will? A woman?” I responded, shrugging his hand from my shoulder and returning to my amble deliberation. His attempt at getting me more wound up was a resounding success. “If this was just A woman do you think I would be acting like this? No! This is THE woman Will and THE woman is single and I am single and we could be THE couple.”

“Ok, first; don’t say THE  like that again.  You sound like your reciting and Old English poem.  Second, if it’s meant to happen it will happen.  Don’t stress about it now.”

I didn’t have time to decipher whether or not Will’s advice was sound.  I had to figure out a way to contact Stacy fast so she knew I wasn’t purposely ignoring her.

“Email!” I said, thinking aloud and startling Will with how impertinent this response was.  “I have her email address at work.  I could just drive down there, log in real quick, and send her an email explaining the whole situation.  She said it herself that she knew I probably didn’t answer because of the base number on the caller ID.  All I would need to do is confirm her assumption.”

“You’re gonna look desperate.” Said Will, and as soon as those words left his mouth, I heard a familiar sound.

            We’re goin’ down, down in an earlier round”

I grabbed my cell phone from Will’s bed.  It was a number from the Air Force base.

            Sugar we’re goin’ down swingin’”

There was a better than average chance that this was purely a coincidence and work would be on the other end of that phone call with an order to come in that would demolish my carefully thought out weekend plans.

            I’m your number one with a bullet”

Worth it.

“Hello?” I said, saving the call from the unforgiving depths of voicemail.
“Hey Steve? It’s Stacy.”

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yo ho ho ho all me heartys!

Arr, me mateys! I be writin me blog after comin home from a weekend fit for me hearty pirates. Aye, a lass by ye name of Kimberly is gettin married and she traveled to find ye gold doubloons in Atlantic City with her finest mateys. Scalliwags were not allowed and ye bachelorette party was not for the lily-livered.

It started several years ago when Kim had some girls come over to sit poolside at her house. They sipped on mixed rum drinks, ate delicious food, and finished the day with a great movie; Pirates of the Caribbean. Several years later, what was once a lazy day has turned into a yearly tradition at Kimberly’s house and has expanded into a very Pirate specific poolside day.  

We knew that when Atlantic City was in the discussion as the bachelorette weekend destination, Pirates had to be involved. There was a plank, a treasure chest and plenty of booty (treasure) to be found. It was a weekend none of us will forget and one that was full of celebration!

Enjoy the pics of me hearty pirate weekend!  Yo Ho Ho HoJ

The real Booty!

Coincidence? I think not!

the locator ring- Yo ho ho ho!

Love these ladies- Natalie, Misty (my lovely cousin), Kimberly, and Amy

The sorority sistas...
The sister sisters!

The work sistas!

Go ahead and strut your stuff!~

Yummy beach scenes!

Life is Good!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Other Side

I haven’t met anyone who lives on the other side all the time. You know?… that other side where the grass is always greener and where everyone is drinking out of their half full glass after waking up on the right side of the bed, like, everyday.  I have definitely met the people who want to be on this “other side” and from time to time, I even catch myself wondering what it is like with more money on the other side or for my pregnancy stretched skin to be flat again on the other side. The truth is, I live in a land where the grass, for the most part, is green(er).  However, there are moments like today when everything that I want to do does not line up with everything I need to do for our family. It’s days like today when I  feel like I am sitting in the middle of a big fat dirt pile and drooling over those people picnicking on that lush green grass on the other side. And then, without fail, I witness a moment like this 
And I think to myself, Have your other side people! I am exactly where I should be in this world.Financially conservative, stretch marks and most importantly, surrounded by all this joy! Take that, greener grass people!
Cozy Coupe, I love you! Thanks Nana and Pape for getting this for her :-)

This picture has nothing to do with anything from today, except she is pointing at a duck and I am about to pee my pants because I saw a snake.

Loving these moments between the two of them!

Addisyn is THE BEST errand runner buddy ever!

Today was the first day she was able to wear these shoes from her Aunt Kimberly! I love them :-)

Can you tell?

How about now?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

One More for Love The Story: Chapter 19 - Back to Life

Stacy could have been anywhere from Alaska to Egypt.  I had no idea where she had been deployed to and when I found out she left without saying goodbye, I made a distinct separation between what I probably meant to her and what she meant to me.  To her, I figured, I was that person who could carry on a conversation and help her pass the time during those long nights on the flightline.  She would probably return from her deployment a different person than she was when left, on a shift opposite mine, and the extent of our friendship would settle into small talk during shift turnover.  To her, the best of our relationship was behind us.  To me, she was the memory of a person who no one else could live up to.  The experience of getting to know Stacy had shaped my expectations of every woman I would have dated from the time she left until I found someone just like her.  Geographically and emotionally, it felt like we couldn’t have been any farther apart…until I saw her email in my inbox.

Just looking at the email sitting there unopened brought back a connection that had been lost in a departure too sudden for goodbyes and seemed too distant to overcome.  Even the subject line: “I thought you might be interested” read like the beginning of hundreds of late night conversations we’d enjoyed while riding in the blue bread truck traveling from plane to plane.  The simple fact that it was from her to me told me that somewhere in the busyness of the deployment and mission demands she had a thought of me.  A thought that opened lines of communication and gave life to a friendship that had nearly withered away.  When I opened the email it read as follows:

I thought you’d be interested to know that Chris has been cheating on me!  It turns out he wasn’t so smart.  What intelligent person would use the family phone plan to use $500 worth of minutes to call their girlfriends?  Yep!  That’s right…more than one girl.  So on that note, I’m pretty much done with men. I thought you would be most interested because Chris told me a few months ago what Melissa had done to you. Looking forward to the single life, throwing bbq’s at my new house, and not being miserable.  Maybe when I get back you, Kevin, Will, Smitty and some of my other friends could come over to my house for a summer get together?? 

 Hope you have a good week!


I read the email again…then again just to be sure I got it right…then again for good measure…Ok, I think I got it, in summary: STACY WAS SINGLE!  I knew I had precious moments to craft an email response.  First, I was two minutes away from being late for roll call.  Second, the window of opportunity is insanely small for a woman of this stature.  Deployed or not, Stacy had climbed the charts to the most incredible woman I’d ever met and I wasn’t going to take the chance of putting off this email and letting another Bollard come along and charm her into his arms.  My response had to tell her I was interested in hanging out, wanted to hear more about her break up, and didn’t let on how excited I was to hear that she was single…and I had about one minute to write it.


       What???? That’s crazy!  I don’t know what your phone situation is like, but if you can call, I would love to trade full stories of Chris and Melissa’s final acts of ignorance.  BBQ sounds cool.  Are you planning on throwing like a “welcome home/house warming” party for yourself? When do you get back any way? I’ll talk to Kevin, Will, and Smitty, but there shouldn’t be any reason why we wouldn’t be there.  

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!



It was close, but after sending the email I made it to roll call on time.  I checked in, got my aircraft assignment, and headed toward the flightline.  Then, for the rest of the night, while my body was at Dover Air Force Base; my mind was on that email.

The entire time I’d known Stacy, this was the first time that there was even the smallest of possibilities that I could ask her out on a date or even realistically pursue her as a dating prospect.  I knew with the length of time Stacy and I had been friends that I ran an all too real risk of being caught in the “friend zone”.  That is, because Stacy and I had been friends for such a long time, we may have gotten to the point where she saw me as too close of a friend to risk ruining our great friendship by stepping into a relationship that might not workout.  At first glance, I thought the email itself could have been taken as a message sent to a friend who might understand what she was going through.  I knew this was a good possibility, but for some reason it felt like something more. 

That night, when I found myself alone on an airplane waiting for the truck to bring by a replacement part, I sat down in the pilot’s seat and tried to put myself back into a time when Stacy was still there.  I went back to when I first I saw her and remembered being completely mesmerized by her beauty.  I remembered our first conversation and how nervous I was to approach her and Airman York.  I thought back to when she told me that she had told Bollard that she thought I was “intellectually attractive” and how I tried for hours to decipher if there was anything revealing I could get from that compliment.  I reflected on our endless conversations that made twelve hour shifts fly by in mere minutes. I remembered the emotional rush of finding out she was going to be working on my shift and the betrayal I felt when I found out she was gone.  When the truck finally pulled up with the part I had been waiting for, I got out of the seat, stepped off of the plane and wondered if Stacy had been remembering me when she wrote me that email.

Anna & Tony Are Married! {Outer Banks, North Carolina Wedding}

If I had to describe this wedding in one word it would be: timeless. Timeless for so many reasons, but perhaps the most obvious was that Tony and Anna’s love for each other, their guests, and even their vendors on that day was ever-present in each moment. In the beginning, it was present when Tony explained the love for his soon-to-be wife while showing his groomsmen the watch she had given him. It was present when Anna gazed into Tony’s eyes while she confidently yet sweetly spoke her vows.  And time seemed to stand still when we all watched Anna's beaming smile as Tony proudly spun her on the dance floor. This was a day when Anna and Tony were not affected by the passing of time, but truly enjoyed the love between them.

Tony and Anna, may you live many more moments in life not constricted by time, but solely for each other.

With Love,


Please enjoy some of my early favorites.... and stay tuned to my facebook page for more sneak peeks

I love happy accidents like taking a shot a little out of focus and wrong ISO chosen....sometimes it makes beautiful pics like the one below...

I LOVE this light!

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