Monday, July 1, 2013

SHP Happenings | Love Multiplied

Hi amazing friends! Did you know that this month marks three years that I have been in business? THREE whole fabulous years have gone by so fast and I have learned so many great things, as well as some hard lessons, about this industry and my own business. I shot my very first family shoot when Addisyn was only six months old and now she is 3.5 years old! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I have photographed weddings, family, newborns, high school seniors, and a ton of other portraits. You name it, I've done it. I am extremely thrilled to be writing this blog post because as I begin my fourth year of business I plan to make some HUGE, but lasting changes for SHP. I am talking...HUGE! I will be leaking out some of the changes throughout the rest of the year, but all I am saying is that you better be ready for September. There is a collaboration in the works and I am getting major goosebumps. Okay, you might not be as excited as I am, but the way I am moving forward in the next couple of months has been three years in the making.
Anyone who has been following my blog for these three years hopefully knows that I LOVE to talk about my hubby and my littles. My family, and my role as a wife and mommy, is my story. They are my everything and that is why I photograph and write about them. Being a mommy is rough on some days, but over all I just adore the life I have been given. My first role is as a wife and I am fortunate to be married to one hilarious, encouraging, romantic, and crazy handsome hubby. He works his rear off so that I can do what I want to do; be a SAHM and a photographer. He is my biggest supporter. We have sat up countless nights talking about my SHP dreams and the parts about my business that I love and pieces of my business I need to outsource. We decided a few months back that I needed to start making some serious changes so that I could have a better quality of life and be a better wife, mom, photographer, and blogger. I am happy to say, it is working! I have begun outsourcing some of the things I don't want to spend my time doing. And bonus, this has opened up my calendar for the remainder of the year so I can do what I love most; shoot, blog, and most importantly, love on my little ones until my little heart is content. All of this without having office work looming over me at all hours of the night. I no longer want to be slave to the computer or worse, hear my daughter tell me "mommy can you get off the computer please" one more time.  My first roles are as a wife and a mommy. End of story. This is one reason why I am so stoked about all these changes. I just know it means better quality of life for my own family.
So let's get back to the first reveal...
As you have read in past posts, there was a time during my first pregnancy (and even my second) where I had this crazy fear that my love was going to be divided between Addisyn and Steve and then again with Addisyn, Kellan, and Steve. I was scared that my relationships would be strained as my attention would be divided.  Irrational fear, I know. But that is honestly what I thought about. And then, when Addisyn came into this world, how quickly I discovered that I was wrong. It was the exact opposite. My love had MULTIPLIED, not just with Addisyn, but again with Kellan. My heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger. My love for Steve, as I watch him grow as a dad, grows stronger and stronger. It is amazing! Well, this is where my first announcement comes into play…
The first announcement has to do with “Love Multiplied”. I wanted to use this as my first announcement because I am inspired by my own family and I want to give back to you. Parenting is tough stuff, but it is incredibly rewarding and such a blessing. The first year of being a momma to a new little one goes by way too fast. We get hung up on the all the learning curves and then all of a sudden we are at the one year birthday party. I think it is so important to capture your story during this process and into your baby’s first year. I have a huge place in my heart for all you new and expecting mommas. I know the excitement, fear, worry and love that you are experiencing right now and so it’s important for me to be able to show you your story through pictures. I know you will look back and remember how physically in love you were with your new child and your spouse and how your love had multiplied. For that reason I have decided to offer a “Love Multiplied” newborn experience. Basically, from now on whenever you book a newborn session, you get another session for free!!! Check out the details below and pass this post on to anyone you know who is pregnant. 
I hope you have enjoyed the first reveal...more coming soon :-) 
Questions that may come up:

-Payment plan includes 50% of payment due at time of booking and 50% due before receiving pictures proofing gallery from first session

-If you have already had a 2013 newborn session with me where you bought all digital files and would like this deal, please contact me to set up your free session. If you would like the second session for free, but did not buy all files, you can make up the difference to what you bought and receive the perks of the second session as well as receive all your digital files. Please contact me.

-If you would like to book a newborn session, but not all the digital files, therefore not buying the "Love Multiplied" package, please contact me for a pricing list.

- Prints are from WHCC lab. An amazing professional lab with beautiful products! I always encourage clients to purchase professional prints rather than go to Shutterfly or Costco because the quality is so much better. The paper is better and the coloring is spot on. Now, you can order prints with a simple click on your PASS gallery and it is affordable.  

-What is PASS? It's this amazing photo sharing, downloading, and printing tool. Check out all the features here.


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  1. Stacy, it has been awesome to see your confidence grow along with your business. I'll probably be needing your services about 34 can then add Retirement Ceremonies to the list. :D


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