Monday, June 11, 2012

Random Thoughts

Morning drives to gain inspiration: Suffice is to say that my Mondays are no longer a slow start to the week. Nope, Addisyn and I prefer a good full speed, gears into overdrive, jump- into- Monday- head- first- approach these days. Addisyn is out of Prewee school which means little time to myself to get things done. And although I work much faster when it’s just me, I have been finding ways to make room for a co-pilot... like little stops at the coffee shop (my old Monday blogging nook) before heading out for a casual drive to gain inspiration. 

Anniversary: Steve and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary this past week by going house hunting and then out to dinner – ALONE! We haven’t been on a date in hmmmm let’s see, well, ummm…yeah, it’s been that long! It was fabulous. While Steve and I have accomplished a lot, fought some, adjusted to change many a time, prayed countless prayers together, cried tears of joy often, and are raising the most beautiful sweet little girl together, one thing has never changed – we can talk each other’s socks off. Still. This makes my little heart so super full of love because whenever I get some good ole’ quality time with quality conversation from Steve, it makes me feel like we can conquer the world. Here’s to gabbing it up for another 50 plus years love!

Side note, Steve and I aren’t moving any time soon. We wanted to get a good idea on how much money we need to save to get our dream home. Slow and steady. Blah! It seems so far away!! Here is what we know: our home will be somewhere in Delaware and I can almost guarantee it will have a white picket fence. Because that sounds just perfect to me.

taken with VSCO cam on my iPhone. I know, we look great after working out :-)

Instagram: I just love this app. I pretty much always think about taking at least one pic while I am out just to post on IG. The thing is, I just don’t want to settle for a snapshot. I really want to get more creative and stretch my iPhone and this cool app to the max. I also want to see the pics you have taken that just scream LOVE LOVE LOVE! So I have decided to start a hash tag called #onemoreforlove. If you have Instagram follow me @stacy_hart and if you take a pic of someone you love or someone showing love, hashtag #onemoreforlove. I would love to start featuring pics that you have taken right here on this blog. So excited!

This is Addisyn's natural smile. I can only catch it once and a while on camera. 

This is what happens when I say, "Addisyn look at the camera and smile for momma"

This is her saying "Cheese"

With Love,


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