Monday, April 16, 2012

Manic Monday

I was reading one of my favorite blogs tonight and I saw this.  

Today was a manic Monday.  I was moving every which way and felt like I didn’t have a moment to spare.  It was on the way home from a vet visit when I completely gave up on being productive. I was trying to get a two year old in the car while gripping the leash that holds an injured 60lb pitbull/lab mix puppy and neither of them was cooperating. The day was almost over and I was bombarded with an oozing dog wound, a pile of dirty laundry that had not been touched, and no dinner plans...I was spent.
Some moms have it all together. They are organized, put together, and could breeze through my day with gazelle like intensity.  They’re probably equipped with all sorts of entertaining toys for their child to play with during a vet visit that do not involve dumping out mommy’s purse and sifting through all her personal items. Their family dinner  is already planned with no opting for ice cream in place of a colorful plate of chicken and fresh steamed veggies. And, by no means would they question whether or not their child needs a bath after a 90 degree day.
I’m not that mom. Today was so exhausting that my original blog post, which was beginning to look more like a dissertation on marriage, is getting put on the back burner.  Ice cream in place of dinner was looking perfectly acceptable in my book around 6:00pm. 
Oh, but the guilt!! The mommy guilt set in after turning on the second episode of Doc McStuffins just so I could eat my dinner in peace. What kind of mommy have I been to her today? I’d been toting her around,  getting frustrated, and having little to no patience. Somehow, I managed to muster enough energy to not skip any part of Addisyn’s “night night” routine. As we were changing her into her pajamas we started to sing “Open, Shut them” and as we got to the part of the song that says, “Open wide your little mouth, but do not let them in”, Addisyn squealed, belly laughed, and fell into me saying, “Momma so silly!”.  *Sigh* She loves me. She might not be jumping over lava, but she sang a song and read a book with her highly unorganized mom and well, she couldn’t be happier. 
Our first course meal tonight!




Teaching her table manners went out the window with the rest of my day.

Okay, so after the ice cream, I had to redeem myself. And she ate it!!!

The reason my day was so exhausting! Poor puppy :-(

Awful right?

And on to more exciting activity! Our weekend was much more eventful this weekend.

Now this smile knows how to melt my heart.

"Cool Dude!"

Okay, cutest pic ever right?


Play time with her neighborhood BFF!


Gah! Those pretty eyelashes!

And I will leave you with a collage of pics of Addisyn just because I think she is cute no matter what she does. Have a great week!


Congrats to Katie Shannon for winning the couple contest photo shoot! I'm so excited to take pics of you and your hubby :-)

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  1. My poor god-dog!!! I hope Pisces is okay... I haven't been keeping up with FB lately so I didn't realize anything had happened until just now.

    And you are a wonderful mother - Addisyn wants you just as you are!


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