Thursday, July 19, 2012


There has been this infection - this “condition” rather - that has been dwelling in our house the past few days.  The symptoms include crazy urges to help cleanup or cook, bathroom breaks to the big girl potty, changing into outfits “my own self”, and feeding baby doll her dinner. It became clear to me today as she drew the diagnosis of her current patient (a baby doll) in her “Big Book of Boo-Boos”, that Addisyn has been seriously infected.  Her perfectly bright blue eyes looked up at me while she confidently pulled her stethoscope off her ears, simultaneously set down her diagnosis book and said, “Big-girl-otosis momma.”

 Ummm huh? It took me a few minutes to snap back into reality. I thought through this with all logic.  Okay, she watched Doc McStuffins this morning and that is obviously where she is getting “otosis” from. Steve and I have been praising her “big girl” status often because she has been using the “big girl” potty daily, but to put “big girl” and “otosis” together? There is only one explanation...Genius!

Addisyn suffers from Big-girl-otosis. It’s affecting me in the most happy of ways and I can’t stop myself from thinking how perfectly planned this all was. Have you ever looked at the birth order or age-spread of your children and immediately known the reason they were born in that order and that far apart?  These past few weeks I have been thinking about this a bunch. I guess because I always expected to have a boy first and a girl second, and since I had Addisyn first I just expected she would have a sister next. It has been hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that we are having a little boy. How will Addisyn adjust to her new brother? The answer is obvious to me now. I had been focusing on her gender and never thought to look at her character.  Addisyn is wise, nurturing, loveable, and helpful. What better traits to have in a big sister and my eldest child?

Feeling unbelievably blessed and completely infected with Joyful-momma-itis!

With Love,


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