Monday, July 9, 2012


Sorry about the blogging hiatus.  I guess I have a lot of catching up to do! My blogging absence has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t have anything to say (because we all know that isn’t true), and everything to do with the fact that I cannot create any more time in my day. I’ve tried. I even stayed up until 1:00am a few nights ago catching up on work. I use the term “catching up” loosely because by 1:00am it really is 93% switching back and forth between Facebook and Spotify and 7% actually catching up on work. Still, the mere fact that I stayed up to 1:00am is work in my book and I gave myself an “A” for productivity that day followed up by an “F” the following day for “Failure to remove thy rump from thy couch”. Consequently, two days went by and one day’s worth of work got done.

I missed this blog. I missed it mainly because I use my blogging time as a chance to reminisce on all the past week’s events or the very small moments that defined the exact purpose to my day or my week. Sometimes writing each blog post serves as inspiration to how I want to dive into the next few days and sometimes it makes me think about the little things that have passed by my way without a second glance. It’s a bit surreal how fast these past few weeks have flown by. I often wake up with the shocking reality of “Holy Smokes I am having another baby!!!” and as of last week, that thought turned into “Holy Smokes I am having a boy baby!”A baby boy? How am I going to raise a baby boy? When I received the news tears were cried, smiles were irreplaceable and yet the next day that happiness quickly turned to fear and nervousness. It’s been two and a half years of sweet little dresses, hair bows, rocking baby dolls to sleep, tea parties, gab sessions (yes, they happen already) and the sensitive, wise, and sweet heart of my little blonde hair blue eyed girl. What am I going to do with trucks, fearless climbing, and who knows what else? I’ve heard it all. Boys are fun. Boys are cuddly. But I just want to cry out “Addisyn is fun and Addisyn is cuddly and Addisyn needs a baby sister!”
Yesterday I lay in bed and just prayed for our family. We have a few other things going on, all potentially good, but our future is a bit unknown right now. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. So yesterday in a long, heart-felt, and exhaustive prayer I reached out to the only person I knew could take away the anxiety…my King. And, as if in perfect response, my pastor spoke of how Jesus Christ is THE light. That He dispenses any and all darkness and He illuminates the path that we are to be on so we can see His way for us. The sermon’s parallel to my life wasn’t instant; rather it unfolded casually the past 24 hours, but upon sitting down to write this blog post, it became very clear. God blessed me with a boy because I have the heart, mind, attention and love capabilities to give to my little Kellan. God has trusted Steve and me to raise him to know Christ, to be a leader among his peers, and eventually a leader among his family. Knowing this information is making meeting Kellan even more exciting to me now and has helped me realize what a gift it is to have a boy. And Addisyn? She was made to be a big sister. Just this morning she lifted my shirt, got real close to my belly and said “Hi Kelwan, Addy big sister, I lub you”. She understands her role as a big sister already and I just know that all of this was in His perfect plan for our family.

With Love,

Addisyn and I have been finding fun things to do this summer. We discovered a great indoor inflatable play center a few miles from our house that we plan to visit a few more times this summer. She loves it!

This is her "say cheese" face!

I love how she is looking the big guy straight in the face when he isn't paying attention to the line moving

future mountain climber!

*peek-a-boo, I see you!

She has her momma's b-balls skills! 

We have made a special trip to Virginia to celebrate grandma and grandpas 40th anniversary. Congrats mom and dad! I love this super cute pic of you two! 

Yummy! root beer floats. Just what the baby ordered.

When my family gets together, there is almost always a game going on. It could be something fun like Kan Jam.

or something more competitive like water balloon tossing...

And we don't brag at ALL. Guess who won the water balloon toss? *Chest Bump*

Why hello love!

We have come to grips with the 90 degree weather and make great use out of our sprinkler.

Love these girls!

And we celebrated with great friends for the 4th!  I swear Demetri actually loves Addisyn, he just doesn't look like it in this photo.

laying on dads tummy to watch her first ever fireworks display.

Today we had a tea party with other friends while we waited for the drizzling to stop. 

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  1. Love love love this post! I have missed your posts the last few weeks. Tuesdays just arent as terrific without it!


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