Monday, April 18, 2011

Confessions of a Human

I have a confession to make and it goes something like this…

I am human and therefore cannot do everything. Huh….imagine that. 

I have had my photography business for about nine months and I absolutely love it. No, wait…I LOOOOOVVEEE it! There, that’s better.  Not only do I get to photograph people, I also get to tap into my inner entrepreneurial chick to help progress the business. My mind is always thinking of new branding ideas, website designs, blog headers, and different poses. The business takes up all my free time(and then some) and I don’t mind a bit. It’s my Grey’s Anatomy, my LA Laker’s games, and it’s my next best romance novel.  Plain and simple- I love it. And although it is making money, it still comes at a cost- the time I have with my family.  I wish I could do it all and enjoy life, but without quality family time my life loses its mojo.  I can actually sense it happening. It feels empty. Those kisses I get from my husband don’t seem as magical and my heart yearns for some baby laughs and kisses.  Luckily, I can recognize the problem before it gets too late because  “quality time”  is my primary love language. It is how my heart speaks and receives messages of love. So if I am blocking my own self from having that quality time with my family, my heart raises a huge white flag and screams  things like  “I surrender!” and “Mercy!” , to my brain. My brain receives these messages, processes the warning signs, and decides that the best idea is to blurt out all my problems and concerns in one gigantic meltdown to my husband at one in the morning.  Yep, thats my brain- coming up with horrible ideas like bombarding a sleep deprived husband with crazed emotions and expecting good results. Drat!

The end of the story goes like this… We went to sleep, woke up with clear minds, and realized that I needed to get reacquainted with my carefully thought out schedule so that I can maximize all the wonderfulness that IS my life. After all…I am only human.  

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Addisyn has discovered the art of stacking. She stacks things to climb up to get a better view. She also loves to turn pages and flip through any book she can find so I am sure you can imagine that with two bookshelves such as the ones below...mommy and daddy get to clean up a lot.

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