Monday, April 11, 2011


My dear sweet baby girl,

Today you wanted to sit on my lap, but whenever I gave in to your reaching arms you would pull everything off the desk in front of me.  I would then, in turn, keep putting you down. We did this about five or six times until eventually you had enough of the game.  You looked at me straight in the eyes, grabbed Pisces (our pit/lab mix) around the neck, and gave him a stern (but intentional) head-butt.  After this, I was ready for what was coming next.  You looked up at me with your sad eyes and pouty lip -paused- and began to cry.
 I give you ten points for personality, ten points for toughness (there’s no way I would head-butt a pit-bull), and ten points for effort.

So I’ve gathered from this experience that you are a great thinker, you’re animated, and you are delightfully creative.  I really REALLY adore all of these qualities about you and the ways I am watching you grow daily.  

I know you won’t remember these moments, but I want you to know that you have given me a dose of joy each day since the day you were placed into my arms.
So here’s the deal: I will forever let you sit on my lap as long as you never grow up. Thanks!

I love you,


My friend Nicole, over at The Sleepy Time Gal Blog has started a great effort in sending boxes over to Japan. Her goal was 20 boxes and now she is up to 379! Read her loving efforts by clicking the button below and join the cause.


  1. Great blog, Stacy! Your last line made me smile. So sweet.

  2. Awww! Thank you so much Kelli! Its true isn't it? They grow up entirely too fast!!!!


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