Monday, October 3, 2011

Wannabe Hipster

I have always wanted to be that girl in the cozy coffee shop, connected to Wi-Fi and studiously working away at something really important; maybe a business owner who is connecting with important clients or, better yet, a hipster writing a righteous story.  Do hipsters say words like righteous?

I often go into my local coffee shop and wonder what my hipster moment would be like. I can totally imagine myself curled up on one of the faux black leather chairs typing away at my latest blog post while sipping on my yummy Grande Mint Mocha with 2% milk and whipped cream while Adele or Ray LaMontagne sing sweetly in my ear.  Some people have an inner diva. Me? I have an inner supermom and hipster. Yep, one day I will be strutting down the street in my Anthropologie outfits while rockin’ my minivan, you just watch.

 This morning was the exact crisp October morning I needed to live it out.  I craved for my hands to be wrapped around a huge mug of Mint Mocha and to be calmed and inspired by the soothing sounds of Tom Petty and Josh Radin. So here I am and I have to say, it has all been quite natural. I walked into the coffee shop with my cozy- albeit “hip”-outfit on and chose a perfect spot.  I was tucked between the espresso machine and the cute rock couple that found their little corner in the cafĂ© and paid no mind to me – only to their cool conversation and perfectly prepared latte.  Thoreau needed Walden’s Pond like I need a welcoming chair, espresso and a Pandora station full of folk music. I am cool, yet productive – studious, yet cozy - a mom, yet …hip.  This post is about starting this week out right, finding peace in the simple things and taking my mommy rejuvenation moments when I can get them.  I think I might make this a Monday morning ritual. Aww heck, I might even go shopping for some cool fall boots and scarves. But for right now, my hipster self is going to tag team my supermom self and go pick up my sweet girl from school.  When I get her I’m going to give her kisses and be happy that I got a small break, but excited that I get to go back to the most important job in the world.

 Hoping each mom out there can find her inner self that makes her happy!

 With love,


Addisyn is very curious about all kinds of music
 She loves to rock out!
 * My animals *

An example of what it is like when Daddy gets home

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